David Hoppe

David Hoppe

My current research focus is on the temporal dynamics of human eye movements. Particularly, I am interested in how humans perceive and learn temporal regularities in the environment and adapt their eye movement behavior accordingly in order to optimize the outcome of their actions. I use behavioral experiments with human subjects as well as computational modelling involving machine learning, specifically Bayesian and reinforcement learning models to describe and understand the characteristics of human visual behavior.

Presentations and Publications

Hoppe, D., & Rothkopf, C. A. (2016). Learning rational temporal eye movement strategies. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 201601305.

D.Hoppe, C. A. Rothkopf: 'Modelling the dynamics of visual attention under uncertainty.' Talk at the annual meeting of the Vision Science Society, May 15-20, 2015, St. Pete Beach, Florida, USA.

Nazemi, Kawa; Burkhardt, Dirk; Hoppe, David; Nazemi, Mariam. “Web-based Evaluation of Information Visualization.” Procedia Manufacturing 3 (2015): 5527-5534.

E. Kampmann, T. Diana, M. Kanitz, D. Hoppe, and G. J. Kahaly, “Thyroid Stimulating but Not Blocking Autoantibodies Are Highly Prevalent in Severe and Active Thyroid-Associated Orbitopathy: A Prospective Study,” International Journal of Endocrinology, vol. 2015

Umbach, N., Naumann, K., Hoppe, D., Brandt, H., Kelava, A., & Schmitz, B. (2015). Introducing nlsem: An R Package for Estimating Nonlinear Structural Equation Mixture Models. Talk at SEM meeting 2015, February 26-27, Berlin, Germany


WS 2015-2016 Latent variable models (Exercise and Seminar)
SS 2015 General Psychology (Exercise)
WS 2014-2015 Latent variable models (Exercise and Seminar)
SS 2014 General Psychology (Exercise)
WS 2013-2014 Latent variable models (Exercise and Seminar)

Professional Experience

since 2014 PhD student at the Psychology of Information Processing lab
2013 – 2014 Student Researcher
Technical University Darmstadt, Institute of Psychology
Psychological and Psychophysiological Methods
2012 – 2014 Student Researcher
Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research IGD


2012 – 2014 M.Sc. Computer Science
Technical University Darmstadt, Germany
2012 – 2014 M.Sc. Psychology
Technical University Darmstadt, Germany
2008 – 2012 B.Sc. Psychology
University of Innsbruck, Austria
2009 – 2012 B.Sc. Computer Science
University of Innsbruck, Austria