Fabian Kessler

Fabian Kessler M.Sc.

Psychologie der Informationsverarbeitung


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Fabian Kessler joined the lab in February 2020.

Research interests

My current research focuses on questions concerning human spatial navigation behavior. My work is centered around the question: How do Humans get from point A to B?

More specifically, I’m interested in how humans represent their own belief about where they are in the world and how they use it to inform their navigational decisions. I combine work from navigation experiments in virtual environments with probabilistic computational models in order to understand complex navigation behavior, where information from multiple sources is integrated over time and space.

Professional Experience

Since 2020 PhD student Psychology of Information Processing
2017-2019 Research Assistant Psychology of Information Processing
2014-2016 Student Teaching Assistant: Grundlagen der Programmierung
2015-2016 Student Teaching Assistant: Einführung in Software Engineering
2014-2015 Student Teaching Assistant: Grundlagen der Informatik I

Presentations and publications

  • Kessler, Fabian & Frankenstein, Julia & Rothkopf, Constantin. (2023). Optimal feedback control under uncertainty explains errors, variability and behavioral strategies in human navigation. Computational Cognitive Neuroscience (CCN 2023 Oxford) 10.32470/CCN.2023.1460-0.
  • F. Kessler, J. Frankenstein, C. A Rothkopf. Optimal control under uncertainty predicts variability in human navigation behavior COSYNE Montreal 2023
  • F. Kessler, J. Frankenstein, C. A Rothkopf. A dynamic Bayesian actor model explains endpoint variability in homing tasks, [submitted] bioRxiv, 2022
  • J. Frankenstein, F. Kessler, C. Rothkopf. Applying psychophysics to applied spatial cognition research. Spatial Cognition XII. Spatial Cognition 2020. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 12162. Springer, Cham.


Summer 2022 Experimental psychology practice (Lab)
Summer 2022 Statistical modeling for cognitive science (Seminar)
Winter 2021 Perception and Action (Seminar)
Summer 2021 Cognitive Science III: Action (Seminar)
Summer 2021 Experimental psychology practice (Lab)
Summer 2020 Cognitive Science III: Action (Seminar)

Co-supervised theses


Lydia Ebbinghaus – Spatial Navigation in a Virtual Reality Homing Task


2017 – 2020 M.Sc. Psychology in IT, TU Darmstadt, Germany
2013 – 2017 B.Sc. Psychology in IT, TU Darmstadt, Germany