Inga Ibs
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Inga Ibs M.Sc.

Psychology of Information Processing


Work S1|15 231
Alexanderstraße 10
64283 Darmstadt


Inga Ibs joined the lab as a PhD student in June 2020.

Resarch interests

I am currently interested in understanding how human observers of complex systems build explanations for the system's behavior and how similar explanations can be automatically generated for complex artificial intelligence-based systems to aid human understanding of these systems.

During my studies in Cognitive Science at Osnabrück University I worked on probabilistic modeling of decision making under uncertainty and their applications in medical and legal contexts.

Presentations and publications

  • Ehinger, B.V., Gross, K., Ibs, I., and Koenig, P. A new comprehensive eye-tracking test battery concurrently evaluating the Pupil Labs glasses and the EyeLink 1000, PeerJ, 7,e7086
  • Wiggermann, V., Ibs, I., Schoerner, S., Hernandez-Torres, E., Vorobeychik, G., Metz, L., Li, D., Traboulsee, A. and Rauscher, A. Exploring Mechanisms of Multiple Sclerosis Lesion Evolution Using Advanced MRI, Neurology, 86

Professional Experience

since 2020 PhD student
Psychology of Information Processing
2017 – 2019 Student Researcher at the Neurobiopsychology lab of Prof. Dr. Peter König, University Osnabrück, Germany


Jul. 2019 Summer School on AI & Law, Badia Fiesolana, European University Institute, Italy
2016 – 2019 M.Sc. Cognitive Science, University Osnabrück, Germany
2012 – 2016 B.Sc. Cognitive Science, University Osnabrück, Germany