Tobias Thomas

Tobias Thomas M.Sc.


work +49 6151 16-23366

Work S1|15 234
Alexanderstraße 10
64283 Darmstadt


Tobias Thomas joined the lab as a PhD student in December 2021.

He is working on the project “The Third wave of artificial intelligence”.

Research Interests

My research interests revolve around human perception and decision making, especially in natural environments. To understand those phenomena, I use behavioral experiments including psychophysics and eye-tracking, as well as computational modeling, especially Bayesian and reinforcement learning methods.


Talks and Presentations

  • Measuring the cost function of saccadic decisions reveals stable individual gaze preferences, VSS 2022, St. Pete Beach FL USA

Professional Experience

Since 2021 PhD student
2018-2021 Student Researcher Psychology of Information Processing
2017-2018 Student Teaching Assistant Functional and object oriented programming


2019-2021 M.Sc. Cognitive Science, TU Darmstadt
2016-2019 B.Sc. Psychology in IT, TU Darmstadt